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Eligibility For UK Championship, Premier Open, and Open Dog Shows

Kennel Club registered Russian Black Terriers are eligible to enter RBT Breed Classes offered at these types of dog show.

Despite their name, Russian Black Terriers are shown in the Working Group, not the Terrier group.

If no RBT Breed Classes are on offer, KC registered RBTs are eligible to enter AVNSC (Any Variety Not Separately Classified) Classes at these types of dog show.

In addition, since the RBT is classified by the Kennel Club as a Rare Breed, KC registered RBTs are also eligible to enter Rare Breed Classes offered at these types of dog show.

Websites Listing Shows Available To Enter
Listings and entries for UK Championship, Premier Open, Open and Breed Club dog shows run under Kennel Club rules and regulations are split between two companies, so if you cannot find an upcoming show on one of these two websites, you will find it on the other.

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