Welcome to the website of the UK Russian Black Terrier Club. The club was formed in 1998, and is recognised by the Kennel Club as the official breed organisation for the Russian Black Terrier (RBT) in the UK. 

We are dedicated to introducing our breed to everybody interested in knowing more about these wonderful dogs and to supporting those lucky enough to own them. Our goal is to encourage quality in canine care, breeding, training and ethical responsibility, and to protect and advance the interests of the breed.

The Russian Black Terrier is known by many names: Black Pearl of Russia, the Tchiorny or Chornyi Terrier, the RBT, or simply as the Blackie. They are large, strong, extremely intelligent, loving, confident, loyal and, with early and regular obedience and socialisation training, protective without undue aggression. They bond very strongly with their ‘people’ and make wonderful, devoted family and working companions.

We invite you to explore our  website to learn more about the breed and the RBT Club. Please bear with us as we develop the website. We will continue to add additional topics and information with the aim of ensuring that eventually you will be able to find answers to all of your RBT-related questions here. In the meantime, if you require any  additional information, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Us page, as we are always happy to talk about our dogs!

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