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11 November 2023 Russian Black Terrier Breed Appreciation Day
Twycross Village Hall, Burton Road, Twycross, Atherstone, CV9 3SA
Attendance at the Russian Black Terrier Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) is open to anyone and everyone interested in the breed who wishes to gain a better understanding of the Russian Black Terrier - whether they be experienced or aspiring dog judges; existing or prospective owners, exhibitors or breeders; or individuals who have an interest in the breed.

09:30 - Registration
10:00 - Breed History and Breed Standard Presentation - Mr Paul Perks (Dromnagus)
This presentation is open to anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of the Russian Black
The presentation will be followed by an optional Multiple Choice Examination (MCE)
Attendance at a RBT BAD and passing the MCE is a requirement for all judges on the Judges Education Programme (JEP) who wish to progress from Level 1 to Level 2 for the breed. Those wishing to take the MCE must ensure that they have satisfied all the Kennel Club JEP Level 1 criteria.
Lunch - a complimentary light lunch will be served after the MCE. Tea & coffee will be available throughout the day.
A3 Hands-On Assessment
This is likely to be the last A3 Hands-On Assessment (a requirement of the RBT Club’s A3 Criteria) to be held before the GFR system ends.
Group Mentoring Session
Numbers permitting, this will be offered to Level 2 judges and to Level 1 judges who pass the MCE on the day.

To request a booking form, please email rbtbec@gmail.com
Booking Options Are:
Breed Talk Only
Breed Talk & MCE
A3 Hands-On Assessment (Requires MCE Pass)
Group Mentoring Session 
(Requires MCE Pass)

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